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“Give A Man A Fish And You’ll Feed Him For One Day”

Most people will have heard the old saying “give a man a fish, and he’ll feed himself for a day; teach him to fish and he’ll feed himself and his family for life“. Although not everyone who takes up angling does it in order to provide food, it is a good saying, demonstrating how fishing can be more than just a hobby, and can have a real practical application for anyone who does it. It helps if you like to eat fish and have a nearby body […]

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Epic Battles Of Our Time

It is often claimed that former US president George W Bush once said “It is my belief that human beings and fish can co-exist peacefully”. While there is dispute over whether he actually said that, surely no-one disagrees that it is true. However, you will come to question the truth of it when you have put a great deal of effort into the battle to land a 40-50 lb fish and feel nothing but anger and aggression towards the entire piscine kingdom. At that point, you’ll feel […]

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A Fishing Holiday – The Ultimate Relaxation

For anyone who wants a truly relaxing holiday, you’d have to go some to beat a week spent fishing somewhere nice and sunny. The huge advantage to a fishing holiday is, of course, that not only are you many miles away from the grind of work and personal life, but you are able to spend your days on a riverbank or boat, challenging yourself against the best that the marine world can throw at you. It may not feel relaxing when you are going mano a mano […]

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